Air Living

WALLPAPER & MOTION DESIGN(2024)Pattern Design (4 Versions of Monogram + Motion graphics)
Design by Sophia Zuo
This project includes pattern design and motion graphics for Air Living, a vibrant residential community reflecting New York’s lively culture and serene natural surroundings. The design concept for Air Living's wallpaper and motion backgrounds is inspired by the brand’s ethos of positive, unrestricted living and its beautiful location. Incorporating calming colors and dynamic forms, the design creates an atmosphere of tranquility and modern elegance. The project features elegant still monograms and dynamic motion graphics for promotional videos, which will be used in digital marketing campaigns to attract prospective residents and engage the community.

Mockup Wallpaper for Common Room Area
Wallpaper for Indoor Pool Area
Circular-shaped Monograms
Motions for Ribbon Patterns
Motions for Monogram

Gallery of Air Buffalo Amenity
Gallery of Air Buffalo Amenity
Gallery of 

Experimentations of Pattern Designs
Experimentations of Colors