It’s Time! It’s My Time.


Editorial Design (Book1 232P + Book2 43P)
8 in * 8 in
Design, Content Curation & Production by Sophia Zuo
"It's Time! It's My Time" is an editorial project comprising two books that delve into the anxiety caused by societal expectations, known as the "social clock." This project offers a meditative and personal narrative, emphasizing the importance of individual experiences over societal milestones. The transition to adulthood is often marked by anxiety and confusion due to societal pressures dictating expected milestones and timelines. The two books address this anxiety and the feeling of being lost or falling behind when personal paths do not align with societal expectations. They reflect societal pressures in China, using a triage of colors to signify the urgency of societal norms and the resulting anxiety at different life stages.
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