Lake St. Townhomes & One Park 

PRINTED MATTERS(2024)Printed Marketing Materials for Lake St. Townhomes & One Park
8.5 in * 11 in
Webdesign by Ryan Yang, Graphic Design by Sophia Zuo.
I created a captivating brochure for Lake St. Townhomes in Ithaca, NY. It showcases 16 market-rate townhouses, blending modern design with the area's natural beauty. Using earth tones and greens, the brochure highlights high-quality photos of the homes and surroundings, inviting locals to consider them as their next residence. The layout includes an attractive cover, an introduction outlining the vision and location advantages of the development, and emphasizes its peaceful integration with nature.

Brochure Design
Lake St. Townhomes Official Website

One Park Holiday Flyer

Front Desk Setting

Flyer Design(front)
Flyer Design(back)